Tim Duma – Embracing Workplace Diversity Reasons

Tim Duma has experience providing leadership to teams across the globe and expertise that covers the U.S., much of Europe, the Middle East and most of Africa, Kane knows and appreciates what a diverse corporate workplace can offer in terms of insight, innovation and experience. Here he is sharing reasons for embracing workplace diversity:

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Timothy Duma : Builds Over 30 Years Successful Construction Experience


Timothy Duma is a Professional construction manager and entrepreneur. Timothy Duma is a widely respected home developer and construction contractor who has over 30 years’ experience known in Denver for a wide variety of work across the breadth of the construction field, Timothy Duma Construction, Inc. are extremely competent in single family home development, low rise construction and high end tenant improvements, structural restoration and insurance construction, commercial and multi-family development, real estate acquisitions and work on civil sites. Timothy Duma cites his extraordinary interpersonal and communication skills as playing a key role in his Sunshine State success.

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As President and Owner of Timothy Duma Construction, Inc., Tim Duma has been licensed to build in Denver counties since 1987. Property construction projects which have been created by the company include single family homes in an assortment of counties of Denver, multi-family residential complexes in Dade County, commercial shopping centers and restaurants in Dade and Broward Counties as well as commercial buildings and high end tenant improvements in downtown Denver. Timothy Duma estimates that the successful construction projects of his company have values up to $4,000,000.

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Tim Duma – Why Home Maintenance Matters

Tim Duma is running a large residential and commercial home development company in Denver and his company offering complete real estate solutions option for clients in and around Denver, Colorado. Tim Duma likes to share his thoughts on different aspects of home construction and here he is sharing why home maintenance matters.

Home maintenance is important for anyone who owns a home, if you ask professionals like those at Hawthorn Builders. It’s easy to fall behind with the little things around the house, but reasons like those below might motivate you to step up your maintenance efforts:

  • Maintain Value

A home is a major investment. In fact, it’s likely the largest investment you’ll make in your life. By maintaining your home, you’re sustaining the value of your investment to benefit you and your family in the long run.

If you wouldn’t put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the stock market and then abandon your portfolio, don’t let your home investment deteriorate by failing to keep up on repairs.

  • Reduce the Unexpected

Unexpected problems with the home seem to strike at the worst moments. The furnace might break in the middle of winter, or the roof might start leaking in the rainy season. Though maintenance doesn’t eliminate this risk, you can reduce unexpected problems by proactively caring for your home.

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Tim Duma – Tips for Building a Eco-Friendly House

Tim Duma is the CEO, project manager of a home construction company in Denver. Building a Eco-friendly house is not merely an option, its need of time too. In this infographic, you can note down how building a green house is easier than ever with these Eco-friendly products and materials.

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Tim Duma – Famous Car Racer and Passionate Businessman

Tim duma was not a born businessman, he grew up in a sports family and that’s what motivated him to enter in NASCAR car racing. Tim Duma elder brother Brian Duna was also a NASCAR car racer. Tim Duma has won many championships in his 14 years car racing and winning the NASCAR Busch Series championship in 2005 was special one in that list.

After retiring in 2008, Timothy Duma started to work on his dream project, starting his own home construction company in Denver CO. Currently Tim Duma company has so far constructed hundred of houses in Denver, Colorado region and also offering real estate consultation services.

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Tim Duma – Advice for Hiring Highly Experienced Employees

As a CEO of a construction company, Tim Duma has experienced of conducting interviews of fresher, experienced and highly experienced candidates.. There are many things that businesses can do to aid in this transition, so keep the following in mind if you would like to hire more veterans, keep the following pointers in mind.

Consider How Skills Transfer

Many managers and business owners make the mistake of thinking that all the skills required for certain roles, such as project management, are specific to their industries. However, the fact is that skills like teamwork and communication are transferrable and you will find that many veterans possess them in abundance. Consider the benefits of this and remember that good training can fill in the blanks quickly.

Get Buy-In

There is sometimes an unfortunate stigma attached to hiring veterans that some within your company may propagate. As such, you should aim to achieve buy-in throughout the business to ensure the company does all it can to welcome veterans into the fold.

Your Interviews

High experience will likely make up a large part of a veteran’s résumé, but this should not be the only thing you consider when hiring. Refine your interview process so you can dig down into the personalities of your applicants and how the skills they have may benefit the business. This is effective for improving hiring practices across the board, in addition to ensuring the company gives veterans fair opportunities.

Timothy Duma was former NASCAR car racing champion and now he is the CEO of his own construction company in Denver, Colorado.

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Tim Duma – The Importance of Communication

Tim Duma is a successful car racer and a business owner who is located in Denver, CO. Tim Duma is in construction management from years and he has taken on many projects throughout his career. He has consulted with numerous clients and has helped them successfully complete their projects.

Communication can play a big part in building a successful career. Timothy Duma has spent years honing his communication skills and works with a number of different clients. He strives to meet his clients’ expectations and to help them determine whether or not a project is viable.

According to Tim Duma, good communication skills can be beneficial for business owners. Professionals who operate their own companies often have employees. If you are able to express your expectations and standards to your employees, they may be more successful. Creating successful teams of employees can help your company flourish.

Communication skills can be developed over time. It may be helpful to earn a college degree and to focus on working in a group setting. Experience can help you develop your communication skills as well.

Tim Duma has been operating his own business for nearly a decade. He is involved in building client relationships and he is focused on expanding his companies.