Timothy Duma: How to be an Effective Corporate Leader

Timothy Duma isn’t the kind of business leader to wall himself off in a corner office and treat all of his subordinates as his personal slaves. He has always been noted for his up-front communication style and his ability to make his expectations known and adhered to by his workers in any working context. He was the member of the NASCAR car racing and had won many major championship their and then he decided to start his own home construction company in Denver.

Timothy Duma isn’t a normal business and corporate leader. He goes beyond the basic skills that all leaders in any organization must possess, such as strong communication skills and the ability to relate to his team mates and understand each of their individual strengths and weaknesses.  At all of these stops, Timothy Duma had to draw on his years of leadership training and experience and build on that skill with experience each business field he has been involved in. Understanding how an industry works and what resonates with customers is a great way to lead a sales team.

Timothy Duma has helped many of his staff members improve their own standings in the company by helping them develop their professional skills and strengths in the company and the industry.

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