Timothy Duma – Real Facts About Construction Management

Timothy Duma is the owner of a home constructing company in Denver, CO and has experienced in project management, preconstruction, and construction. Timothy Duma company is working with number of clients in Denver, Colorado and if you are interested in construction management, there are a few facts that you should know.

  • Experience and education in construction management can lead to a number of different career opportunities. A knowledge of construction management can help professionals become construction estimators, surveyors, a materials specialist, or a sub-contractor. Construction management can have several different benefits.
  • Construction management is similar to project management. Professionals who choose to work in the field are responsible for seeing a project through from beginning to end. Construction managers help their clients successfully complete a project.
  • The construction industry consists of five major sectors; residential, industrial, environmental, civil, and commercial. Construction managers can work in each of these sectors. The only difference between managers in different sectors is a knowledge of different construction sites, equipment, subcontractors, locations, and more.

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Tim Duma – Why Home Maintenance Matters

Tim Duma is running a large residential and commercial home development company in Denver and his company offering complete real estate solutions option for clients in and around Denver, Colorado. Tim Duma likes to share his thoughts on different aspects of home construction and here he is sharing why home maintenance matters.

Home maintenance is important for anyone who owns a home, if you ask professionals like those at Hawthorn Builders. It’s easy to fall behind with the little things around the house, but reasons like those below might motivate you to step up your maintenance efforts:

  • Maintain Value

A home is a major investment. In fact, it’s likely the largest investment you’ll make in your life. By maintaining your home, you’re sustaining the value of your investment to benefit you and your family in the long run.

If you wouldn’t put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the stock market and then abandon your portfolio, don’t let your home investment deteriorate by failing to keep up on repairs.

  • Reduce the Unexpected

Unexpected problems with the home seem to strike at the worst moments. The furnace might break in the middle of winter, or the roof might start leaking in the rainy season. Though maintenance doesn’t eliminate this risk, you can reduce unexpected problems by proactively caring for your home.

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Tim Duma – Tips for Building a Eco-Friendly House

Tim Duma is the CEO, project manager of a home construction company in Denver. Building a Eco-friendly house is not merely an option, its need of time too. In this infographic, you can note down how building a green house is easier than ever with these Eco-friendly products and materials.

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Timothy Duma: How to be an Effective Corporate Leader

Timothy Duma isn’t the kind of business leader to wall himself off in a corner office and treat all of his subordinates as his personal slaves. He has always been noted for his up-front communication style and his ability to make his expectations known and adhered to by his workers in any working context. He was the member of the NASCAR car racing and had won many major championship their and then he decided to start his own home construction company in Denver.

Timothy Duma isn’t a normal business and corporate leader. He goes beyond the basic skills that all leaders in any organization must possess, such as strong communication skills and the ability to relate to his team mates and understand each of their individual strengths and weaknesses.  At all of these stops, Timothy Duma had to draw on his years of leadership training and experience and build on that skill with experience each business field he has been involved in. Understanding how an industry works and what resonates with customers is a great way to lead a sales team.

Timothy Duma has helped many of his staff members improve their own standings in the company by helping them develop their professional skills and strengths in the company and the industry.

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Timothy Duma – Hiring Real Estate Agents Tips Infographic

Before entering into real estate and home construction business, Timothy Duma was the former NASCAR racing champion. Timothy Duma with aim to provide affordable house for Denver residents, started his own construction company in 2008. According to him, investing in real estate is always tricky and specially with half knowledge. Its always better to hire professionals and here Timothy Duma is sharing a infographic post with benefits of hiring real estate agents.

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Timothy Duma – How to Start Your Own Company

Timothy Duma is not just the CEO of his home construction company in Denver as Timothy Duma handle the clients, work with project management team and also part of designing team.  According to Tim Duma, to make your company succeed you have to be flexible with your job position and need to work collaboratively with each of the department.

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Tim Duma – Famous Car Racer and Passionate Businessman

Tim duma was not a born businessman, he grew up in a sports family and that’s what motivated him to enter in NASCAR car racing. Tim Duma elder brother Brian Duna was also a NASCAR car racer. Tim Duma has won many championships in his 14 years car racing and winning the NASCAR Busch Series championship in 2005 was special one in that list.

After retiring in 2008, Timothy Duma started to work on his dream project, starting his own home construction company in Denver CO. Currently Tim Duma company has so far constructed hundred of houses in Denver, Colorado region and also offering real estate consultation services.

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