Timothy Duma – Easy Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Timothy Duma is the CEO of a home construction company in Denver, Colorado and helping people to invest in real estate industry. Here Timothy Duma is sharing the tips that will help you to invest in real estate industry with ease:

Rental properties

In this scenario, an individual will purchase a property and rent it out. The owner of the property is responsible for the mortgage payments, maintenance costs and property taxes associated with the property. Ideally, the owner charges rent that can cover all these costs. The owner also has to consider profit when setting a price. However, rather than include profit, many landlords prefer to charge rent that covers the expenses and after the mortgage has been repaid, most of the money become profit.

Real estate investment groups

These groups are the equivalent of mutual funds in the stock market. If you want to own property but don’t want to be a landlord, a real estate investment group can work for you. A company can purchase or develop the rental property and allow investors to purchase through the company, thus becoming members of the group. As an investor, you can own a single or multiple rental units, but the company operating the group is responsible for the maintenance of the rental units.

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About Timothy Duma

Timothy Duma is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a home construction company in Denver, CO who enjoys spending his free time in nature
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