Timothy Duma – Real Facts About Construction Management

Timothy Duma is the owner of a home constructing company in Denver, CO and has experienced in project management, preconstruction, and construction. Timothy Duma company is working with number of clients in Denver, Colorado and if you are interested in construction management, there are a few facts that you should know.

  • Experience and education in construction management can lead to a number of different career opportunities. A knowledge of construction management can help professionals become construction estimators, surveyors, a materials specialist, or a sub-contractor. Construction management can have several different benefits.
  • Construction management is similar to project management. Professionals who choose to work in the field are responsible for seeing a project through from beginning to end. Construction managers help their clients successfully complete a project.
  • The construction industry consists of five major sectors; residential, industrial, environmental, civil, and commercial. Construction managers can work in each of these sectors. The only difference between managers in different sectors is a knowledge of different construction sites, equipment, subcontractors, locations, and more.

Tim Duma enjoys working in construction and helping each of his clients.


Follow him on crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/tim-duma


About Timothy Duma

Timothy Duma is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a home construction company in Denver, CO who enjoys spending his free time in nature
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