Timothy Duma – Interesting Facts About NASCAR

Timothy Duma has spent more than decade in NASCAR car racing. Here Timothy Duma is sharing some of unknown or interetsing facts about NASCAR car racing:

  • The biggest race of NASCAR is Daytona 500 and urse for the Daytona 500 is more than $18 million.
  • The NASCAR staidum can hold up to 170,000 spectators which is most for any other sport in North America
  • Did you know the headlights, taillights and front grilles on a race car aren’t real? They’re decals.
  • Racing legend Richard Petty won 200 NASCAR races in his career. He won 7 stock car championships, won Daytona 7 times and is still to this day known as the greatest driver in the history of NASCAR.
  • The parts of cars are not made in factories, even every part of a racing cars is hand made.
  • The race cars generally use 3 times as much motor oil — or about 13 quarts — as your passenger car.

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About Timothy Duma

Timothy Duma is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a home construction company in Denver, CO who enjoys spending his free time in nature
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