Tim Duma – Former Auto Car Racing Champion


Tim Duma was born in Denver, Co and is a former professional stock auto car racing champion. From his childhood, Tim Duma was passionate about cars, racing. He grew up in the racing family, his elder brother Brian Duma was also an active racing driver and had won 12 races.

Tim Duma began his NASCAR career on February 1992 and held his first race in 1994 at  CNE Stadium in Toronto. The golden period of Timothy Duma career was when he won the Xfinity Series championship in 2002 and after that he won many major championships that include the 2005 NASCAR Busch Series championship. On 7 March 2008, he has decided to say final bye to his successful career due to his health issues and family reasons.

You can also Tim Duma on Twitter to get interesting news and posts on stock auto car racing: https://twitter.com/timotyduma





About Timothy Duma

Timothy Duma is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a home construction company in Denver, CO who enjoys spending his free time in nature
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